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Come and join the party at the Prague Fringe Club, held every night at Malostranská beseda. All parties start after the last show of the day and end when the sun comes up. Free entry and open to all performers, crew, festival assistants, audience members, local fun-enthusiasts and their friends! 


Friday 22nd May: 
"Wilkommen" Prague Fringe Club: Opening Night Dance Party!
Saturday 23rd May: 
"Whatchu Talkin Bout" Prague Fringe Club: Open Mic Night
Sunday 24th May: 
"Where's my Kilt?" Caledonian Club hosts a Scottish Ceilidh!
Monday 25th May: 
"Weakest Link?" Prague Fringe Club: Quiz Night!
Tuesday 26th May: 
"We could be Lovers" Prague Fringe Club: Burlesque Night!
Wednesday 27th May: 
"Watch me Now" Prague Fringe Cub: Karaoke Night!
Thursday 28th May: 
"Whoaaah Now" Prague Fringe Club: Radio 1 Chill Vibes Night!
Friday 29th May: 
"What the ??" Prague Fringe Club: Crap Music Rave Party
Saturday 30th May:
 "Where did the Time Go?" Fringe Club: Closing Night Party




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